Oct 2001

An Indian Affair reveals the hidden story of Britain's relationship with India. Historian Maria Misra presents the remarkable tale of an affair that began with lust and matured into mutual respect, even love, until a new British drive to dominate locked the partners into an unequal and abusive marriage - the Raj.

The story of the passage to empire was deliberately erased by Victorian imperialists. Maria Misra uncovers the 18th Century roots of the 21st Century multiculturalism, and shows how racism and the Raj were far from inevitable.

Programme One: Rogue Traders
How Britain's empire in India began by accident, when greed for the fabulous riches of the east turned traders into reluctant rulers.
Programme Two: Brief Encounter
An astonishing moment of cultural harmony as the British fall in love with India's civilisation. Some go native, dressing and living as Indians. Back in Britain, Indian travellers bring fashions, underwear - and curry.


Programme Three: The Road to the Raj
Gripped by ideologies of capitalism and Christianity, Britain's love affair with India ends and an English speaking Empire begins, rooted in racial superiority and religious prejudice.

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